Friday, August 7, 2015


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Monday, January 26, 2015


See and Being Seen

See and Being Seen, French culture house, Kabul 2013 Solo Show

Magmatic Voice

Art- in a country which its political history moves towards pain and blood, art is words of pain and blood, and expose of this nonentity history. Sound of Plumb exhibition without any claim shouts the pain of human in Afghanistan. Sound of Plumb is not the pain itself and doesn’t hear the pain too. But it is the photo of pain. The view of a woman whose tears streams like plumb and dies, Cuts her nose. Oust her, hung her and kill her. Photo is the record of pain to give it to the memories. I tried to record the pain, but I couldn’t. How can we record the pain of wars children? The child is a victim from all sides. There is no luckiness even in his dreams. The boy who smokes his dreams in Espand and he is not save at any time of day or night. But even not the exact review of this pain, is explain of war generation. And witness to the not exposable pain of war generations. My photos are the scream of coldness and plumb. The scream which comes from the coldest feelings and remains pain and injuries in its place. --- This art works has been showed at Institute of Frances for the Afghanistan, 2014 ( Solo Show )